Yoshiki donates $100k to urgent environmental issues | The Music Universe

Japanese rock star donates through Yoshiki Foundation America

Internationally renowned, composer, classically-trained pianist, rock drummer and leader the rock group X Japan – Yoshiki – has donated $100k to two the world’s most urgent environmental issues. $50k will go to the Australian Red Cross to aid victims the Australian wildfires and $50k to the Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Action Fund. The funds are donated through his 501(c)(3) nonprit organization Yoshiki Foundation America.

“Conservation and sustainability are two my primary concerns,” states Yoshiki. “No matter what country you are from, we are all one planet. This is an issue that concerns everyone, and I hope more people will join this cause.”

The Japanese rock star attended the Golden Globes this year and was moved by the outpouring support he saw at the event. In addition, his filmmaker friend James Gunn’s support inspired him to expand the Yoshiki Foundation’s mission to environmental causes. Yoshiki has been supporting disaster relief and music education for children over the years.