YC 794 Talks Life In “Pastor’s Son”

Rapper and singer YC794 shared his new album “Pastor’s Son” and it already has tens of thousands of listeners on Spotify. Each of the eight songs included in this album is well-composed, the rapping is done on the highest level, while the musical chords seem to fade into each other as the song goes on. No wonder fans love it. 

During his few years in the music industry, YC794 has already made a name for himself as a prolific rapper who is unafraid to take risks and mix things up. His previous releases include singles such as “26”, “Get Um Wacked”, “Trust” and “Rock Out” as well as a full EP titled “Hood Ceremony” in which the artist expresses wisdom and thought around his own life experiences. Tracks like “Good And the Bad,” “Hard Life,” “Better Days” are some of YC 94’s most acclaimed songs. His recent video “Social Distance” featuring Lil Poppa also received thousands of views and praise nationwide. 

YC794 grew up in a large household, one of nine children. More than anything, his ideology revolves around believing in yourself, working hard to make your dreams happen, and not giving up. He puts it best: “I believe that life has a lot yet to offer. Although I came from an environment full of hardships and challenges, I knew for sure that I was entitled to achieve something bigger.” The rapper is clear about his belief that life is what you make of it and he is making it great for sure.

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