Writing Words That Count: Kendall Joshua & Her Lyrical Inspiration

Climbing higher and higher in her music community, Kendall Joshua, also known as “KJtheRevolution”, has been making a name for herself with her meticulously crafted verses and emotion-evoking lyricism. Acting as her own producer, Joshua has taken inspiration from a grabbag of genres including pop, disco, alternative, electronic, and more. The results are a sound unique to Joshua, and one that is refreshingly original.

Joshua takes pride in her dissecting and arranging of the English language in ways that are unique to her. Adding depth to her music through purposefully-crafted verses, Joshua is able to connect with her fans and listeners in a variety of ways.

From addressing important issues about mental health like depression and anxiety to speaking on how today’s youth are handling worldly struggles in a positive way, Joshua aims to evoke emotion and implant new or deeper thoughts into the minds of those who listen. Reflected in “Fire X Ice”, “Aamon’s Lane”, and “I Feel Amazing”, this young artist’s ability to portray feelings in her works is very promising and full of potential. Through her original sound and thought-provoking verses, Joshua has become a role model for many young people today and shows great promise for her future projects.

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