The Biznezzz ft. Yukmouth – Keep It Moving
(From YouTube; 2021)

Oh what a difference an M makes, one little letter. Ain’t hearin’ much music which tickles my fancy on Thizzler’s Instagram these days, so at least they’re providing LOLz instead. File The Biznezzz under ‘NorCal singer lasses who could play the chief lesbian henchwoman in an all female remake of OZ.’

Because ya host is a hater and a lover in equal measure, here’s some 2021 NorCal songs which very much do tickle my fancy.

Ezale – Raised Like This
Dru Down – Everywhere I Go
P-Lo – Going Off
Cellski – Still Clappin’
Stunnaman02 & QuakeBeatz – Big Steppin’
Mozzy – Tycoon
ShuggyBo – Tricky Situations
Mac J – Gotta Grudge