What happened to Piece? (Part 2)

Mic Terror ft. Gzus Piece & Bruus – Forever Gangster
(From The Rona album; 2020)

This now has a video. Good thing it does too because it’s the obvious single on Mic T’s new album, and I need to rectify a slight mistake from first time round: it starts as a space-age Return Of The G and ends as the return of Big Moe from the grave and ends as the return of Jodeci. Everybody played they position like Mourinho’s Porto team.

Bonus beats: every single needs a B-side so I nominate One Day as the flipside to Forever Gangster. Don’t even mind the faint use of Auto-Tune on this one because it’s got that classique Greg Nice echo to it.

Mic Terror ft. Bruus – One Day
(From The Rona album; 2020)