Wack100 clowns TaxStone on Instagram for the rumored Statement he gave snitching on drug dealers in New York – HipHopHotness.com

The Wack100 and TaxStone beef was very very real before Tax went to Jail. If you dont know TaxStone is currently locked up for the Troy Ave irving Plaza shooting which Tax is being accused as the person who did the shooting at Troy and his crew.

Tax and Wack100 also had a beef going on which forced Wack to clown him and promise to beat his ass when he seen Tax out and about. It seems the beef boiled when Tax told Wack to shut up over the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef which Wack claimed to be running it.

Confusing a little? It is there still does not seem to be a real reason to beef, but if you know Wack then you know he loves beef and problems so maybe this is all just fun for him.

Yesterday while in New York at the Grammy’s Wack poste a video a Rat taking bath. The Rat symoblizes a snitch in the rap world. Wack let it be known that after the statement he read he asked how could you live with yourself? Its been rumored that TaxStone snitched on all the major players in New York in order to cut his time down which he is facing over 20 years in prison for.

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