Video of Sebastian Telfair going crazy in court after he was sentenced to 3 years in Prison

This video we got a hold is very sad! It shows former NBA Star Sebastian Telfair crying in the court pleading for his freedom while a judge sentences him to 3 and half years in Prison for gun possession on Monday August 12th.

Telfair even quoted 2Pac at one point in the hearing, stating, “They’re going to give you everything you need to destroy yourself.” He also told the judge, “Please don’t take me from the society right now. I’m 34. I can go play in China for another six years, take care my family.”

Judge John Hecht responded to Telfair, telling him, “I’m not going to say very much, I’ve observed you throughout the trial. I don’t think the people disagree…

Ex-NBA star Sebastian telfair has a meltdown in Court