Video of Raz B calling out Marques Houston & Chris Stokes for rape of little boys

Former B2K member Raz B is back to speaking his truth when it comes to former manager Chris Stokes who he revealed raped them when they were young boys in the superstar group B2K. Raz B took to instagram and said “What’s up, p***y? Oh, my bad, I can’t refer to you as that because you like little boys,” Raz B said in the video posted on IG. “It’s been seven; it’s been 10 days. Don’t have nobody reach out to me. You know my number, n***a. The 9168 number. Call me, ’cause I know, and you know, I wouldn’t want to be in jail. I’m trying to save you, n***a. But you gotta do the right thing, bro.”

“Stop abusing your power,” he continued. Shifting focus to Marques Houston, Raz said, “And Marques, why don’t you tell your wife all the things that you’ve done. That n***a’s a creep, by the way. You know what it is. I want that fade, n***a. And pull up by yourself.”

Check the video out below, Raz was Chris to take a lie detector test.