Video of NBA YoungBoy girlfriend Jania sleeping in Hotel Lobby because he was smashing a groupie in the room –

A video has been circulating on social media which shows NBA YoungBoy’s girlfriend Jania sleeping in a hotel lobby, while he was in their room smashing a groupie. This all happened the same night in which they were in the club and Jania almost got into a fight. Well now we know the girl she attempted to fight is a well known groupie who she has caught NBA with before. We also hear that it’s the same girl NBA was smashing while she slept in the hotel lobby.

Looking to apologize NBA took Jania shoping and spent almost $50,000. Check all the pro below and tell us what you guys are thinking.

(Video NBA YoungBoy girl sleeping in Lobby)

someone sent me a video Jania talking about it. So let me add it to the thread:

— ? (@dosetaya)

Incase y’all thought I was joking LMFAOO idc how much money you got, you ain’t treating me like this ??‍♀️??‍♀️

— ? (@dosetaya)

(NBA YoungBoy claiming she slept in Lobby because she was mad)

Even if that did happen, with her being his girl like he claim. He should never let her sleep in no lobby.

— Success ひ (@QveenSuccess)

After he let her sleep in the lobby a hotel while he was upstairs fucking someone else ??‍♀️??‍♀️

— ? (@dosetaya)

(NBA YoungBoy taking her shoping after cheating)

NBA Youngboy took his girl shopping

— RapSpotlights ⚡️ (@RapSpotlightss)