Video of Meek Mill lawyer on Angie Martinez show releasing Full Court Transcripts exposing the Judge –

Its hard to believe that Meek Mill has been locked up since November so much time has past already. Yesterday Meek Mill’s lawyer Jordan Siev was a guest on the Angie Martinez show. Siev’s whole aim was to show all the injustice Meek is facing. Siev released Full Court Transcripts to Angie and her listeners.

Siev went on to say “It’s a terrible situation that Meek finds himself in jail going on three months now, having never missed a court date or committed a crime since he was nineteen years old. He’s now thirty, and he’s been in jail since early November based on supposed technical violations,” began Siev.

“The issue that we’ve raised in court filings is we think that judge Brinkley has taken an unusual interest in his career and has stepped over the line from acting solely as a judge should act, injecting herself into his pressional career in ways that are not appropriate.”

Do not forget that the Judge who sentence Meek Genece Brinkley is being accused using biased against the rapper because he wouldnt remake a Boyz II Men song and shout her out on it. Judge Brinkley is also accused trying to black ball Meek into leaving Roc Nation and signing with her friends managment company.

Check the video below Meeks lawyer spilling all the tea