Video of gangster rapper 6ix9ine at Baptism getting saved before he became a Blood –

Self proclaimed King New York 6ix9ine is currently going to state to state proving himself with each city’s biggest gangs. People are really not accepting 6ix9ines gangster role he is putting on. People think he is a fake blood and are aiming to pull his card. As now 6ix9ine and his crew are not backing down it seems like and they are accepting all challengers.

It seems the doubters may have a reason to doubt 6ix9ine’s gangster. Today a video surfaced which showed the Blood Gang rapper a few years ago with no face tattoo’s or rainbow color hair. In the video 6ix9ine is at a baptism where he also got saved. In the video 6ix9ine is a wearing a black vest with a red undershirt. Check the video below for yourself and tell us what you think. Is 6ix9ine faking the funk with his blood gang act?