Video of Foolio being in a shootout with 100 gun shots and showing his bullet wound

Jacksonville rap scene is becoming more and more like the Chicago rap scene with all the shootings and killings lately. Popular Jacksonville rapper Foolio went on IG live and posted a video of himself and his gun showing a shootout he just got in which involved over 100 gun shots! Via his IG story story Foolio said “Whole clip on my daddy, stop playing with me, n****,” Foolio said. “And I ain’t get hit. I got grazed in the left, stop playing.”

Foolio also taunted his attackers for failing to successfully carry out the hit. He also acknowledged how lucky he was to escape the shooting with just a graze.

“On treyd I got right in slides [emptied] my whole clip u boys goofies I’m not dead so stop fakin or the internet,” Foolio wrote. “Y’all missed a whole 100 shots literally. That was voodoo that was majic.”

Check out video below!

Video from Foolio: