Video of Faizon Love calling Dave East an “Corny ass Fake Crip”

Faizon is back to calling out rappers after he went viral for calling Cam’Ron gay. Now we have video of Faizon Love calling Dave East a Fake ass Corny Crip. Faizon said “That corny a** fake crip n***a. I be like, ‘What the f**k?’ I was so surprised that MC Eiht gave him a stamp. I know MC Eiht official. So he gave him a stamp. I don’t know if that’s about the music business, but I don’t know. But the song he did with Dave East was wack.”

He continued on going in on East, saying, “I would f**k with him if he didn’t make up this whole fake a** corny… He was a Crip and then he was in jail. How you come out of — how you come of jail with a record deal? What? You sleepin’ on your stomach in jail, n***a?” He then compared East to Tekashi 69. Watch above.

Check out the video below!