Video of DJ Premier explaining how Biggie Smalls recorded 10 Crack Commandments in a wheelchair –

This video clip right here just takes you back to a memory the GOAT aka Biggie Smalls. In the video legendary producer DJ Premier sat down with Michael Rapaport on his “I am Rapaport” podcast. Topic at hand was Biggie Smalls and the making the iconic song “10 Crack Commandments”. Premier revealed that the song initially was recorded by Jeru the Damaja for Angie Martinez Hot 97 “Hot 5 at 9” promo.

Premier said that Puff Daddy was on radio when he and Biggie heard it and it prompted Puff to tell Premier over the radio to call his asap. Even tho Jeru the Damaja and Biggie had a little beef, Jeru allowed Biggie to remake his song. Premier also revealed that Biggie was in a wheel chair when he recorded this song because he broke his hip in a car accident with Lil Cease. Check all the videos below

DJ Premier speaking on Biggie & 10 Crack Commandments

Jeru The Damaja – Hot 97 Promo “Original Version”

Biggie Smalls – Ten Crack Commandments