Video of Alpo Martinez walking around Harlem with security even with a price on his head to be killed –

Former Harlem Drug Kingpin Alberto “Alpo” Martinez was spotted back in his old stomping grounds in Harlem. Alpo who is famous known for killing his best friend Rich Porter who was another Harlem Drug Kingpin/Street legend was recently released from prison back in 2015.

Alpo was recorded on a video coming out a Harlem diner with security. Yes security, why you ask? Well it is rumored that their is still a price on Alpo’s head for all the people he told on in Washington DC to get a lesser sentence. Alpo is also hated in Harlem for killing Rich Porter who is seen as a hood saint in Harlem.

Alpo was famously played by Cam’ron in the cult classic movie “Paid in Full”. Check the video Alpo below