Video Interview with Shotti from Jail speaking on how 6ix9ine set him up with Breakfast club interview

Shotti recently had a video call with Cigar Talk and he laid out everything. Shotti revealed that he does not regret sticking up and standing by 6ix9ine even tho 6ix9ine would eventually snitch on him. One key thing that stood out to us was Shotti revealing that the FEDs payed 6ix9ine a visit a day before he did the infamous Breakfast Club interview where he denounced himself from Shotti and Tr3Way. Shotti says 6ix9ine did this in order to maybe get the FEDs f his own back and not arrest him. Check the full interview with Shotti out below and tell us what you think!


Full interview with Shotti from Jail

6ix9ine Breakfast Club interview