Vessel publicizes chamber music-inspired album Queen of Golden Dogs

Conceived over an 18-month interval solitude in rural Wales.

Vessel has as we speak introduced the discharge their new album Queen Golden Dogs, the follow-up to 2014’s Punish, Honey.

The producer has shared the only ‘Argo (For Maggie)’, which marries orchestral string stabs with propulsive percussion for a sound that’s equal elements Arnold Schoenberg and Oneohtrix Point Never.

According to Tri Angle, the album’s numerous influences embrace chamber music and the painter Remedios Varo. It marks a stark departure from the producer’s earlier work, combining chamber-rave freak outs with vocal segues and neo-classical items.

Queen Golden Dogs will likely be launched digitally on November 9 and on restricted version colored vinyl on November 23 Tri Angle Records, and is accessible to preorder now.

Check out the quilt artwork and tracklist under, and revisit Vessel’s f-the-wall combine for FACT.

Vessel announces chamber music-inspired album Queen  Golden Dogs

01. ‘Fantasma (For Jasmine)’
02. ‘Good Animal (For Hannah)’
03. ‘Argo (For Maggie)’
04. ‘Zahir (For Eleanor)’
05. ‘Arcanum (For Christalla)’
06. ‘Glory Glory (For Tippi)’
07. ‘Torno-me eles e nau-eu (For Remedios)’
08. ‘Paplu Love That Moves The Sun’
09. ‘Sand Tar Man Star (For Auriellia)’

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