Vallyre’s “Bloodsweat” Is An Inspiration For Young Women To Be Creative And Express Themselves

Boston-based pop/dance artist Vallyre released her new track “Bloodsweat” with a short self-produced 44-second music video. The song is co-written with producer Howie Moscovitch. It is a follow-up to the artist’s 2016 collaboration with multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated producer Art Shweky on her EP release, Explosion. The Ep was concentrated on female empowerment, and the new release too holds a similar energy.  

Vallyre is not just picking a popular theme and trying to get the hype around it. Instead, she humanizes the theme by making it personal and authentic. “Bloodsweat” is a highly motivational track inspiring young women worldwide to create and not be afraid to express themself through dance, music, and other mediums.