UMG Nashville signs Catie Offerman | The Music Universe

Offerman is a singer/songwriter

Universal Music Group Nashville has signed singer/songwriter Catie Offerman. Originally from New Braunfels, TX, Offerman grew up on a horse ranch. Homeschooled by her father in the tack room of their barn, Offerman gravitated towards music at a young age. She started playing piano at the age of four which eventually led her to pursue other instruments such as violin, accordion and more. When she was 11, her accordion teacher asked her to join their polka band where they traveled across Texas playing festivals, local shows and Oktoberfests. A few years later, she attended the Berklee College of Music where she graduated at the age of 19. After spending some time in Los Angeles, Offerman felt called to make the official move to Nashville and pursue country music full-time.

“You know, the second I heard your recording of “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Things’, and when I saw you do it in my office, I knew you had to be with us. I’m so glad this is finally done,” UMG Nashville Chairman/CEO Mike Dungan tells Offerman.

In 2018, Offerman signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Group Publishing. She was previously featured in The Highwomen’s “Redesigning Women” video and is currently working with collaborators Ryan Beaver and Aaron Eshuis on her debut album. Offerman’s talent on fiddle and guitar has helped her shape a unique sound rooted in traditional country music and thoughtful lyrics.