Turk NY Drops 2 New Infectious Tracks “Only A Millie’” – “Meddling”

Turk NY returns to the game with 2 new infectious tracks titled “Only A Millie’” and “Meddling.” After the critically praised album Composure, these 2 new hits offer a powerful perspective of the rapper’s mindset. As in most of his works, he addresses one of his favorite thematics; money. He analyses its pros and cons, the ambition of getting some, and the meaning of it in general. 

“Only A Millie’” is as catchy and melodic as it gets in rap,  and offers a glimpse of Turk’s evolution since the release of his album, a record that was described as the ‘culmination of his artistry” by the press. 

In addition to money, some of his favorite topics often revolve around composure, relationships, old friendships, fake frenemies, as well as his experience dropping out of college while trying to make a living. Sonically, he’s been exploring a variety of combinations, including Hip-Hop, R&b, and even pop.