Trippie Redd exposes 6ix9ine for paying Wack100 and Crip Bosses for protection in LA this past weekend –

The Trippie Redd verse 6ix9ine beef is not dying anytime soon. Trippie red went to Instagram and exposed 6ix9ine for buying protection while in LA this past weekend for NBA Allstar.

If you dont know well Crips all thru California put a No Fly Zone/Not Welcome in LA on 6ix9ines head. It got so bad that promoters in LA who booked 6ix9ine canceled his shows in fear a blood bath war.

Well ignoring their threats 6ix9ine still made it out to LA which forced Crips like Jooba Loc to run down on his hotel looking for him.

Trippie Redd may have revealed why 6ix9ine was out in LA. According to Trippie Redd 6ix9ine paid Wack100 who is The Game’s manager and a big time Blood high ranking member with major clout for protection. Trippie also said 6ix9ine and his crew was calling Crips all thru out LA fering to pay for protection for when he comes out there. Check the back and fourth below from Trippie and 6ix9ine about the protection claim.

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