Trick Daddy is broke owes creditors $807,000 claiming he only $7,500 in 2019 after filing bankruptcy

Things do not seem good for Miami rap legend Trick Daddy! Trick Daddy is reportedly beyond broke! Trick Daddy has filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy and his debt to creditors is $807,176.86 owed. Trick Daddy filed for bankruptcy on August 6th.

Trick Daddy list his assets as follows, house in Miramar, FL worth $350,000, $1,500 in household items and only $150 in clothes. His bank account has $0.00 in it and his publishing company is valued at $5,000.

Trick also owes $435,682 to Fannie Mae in regards to his Florida home, $12,000 to his local home owners association, $57,119 in back child support and $290,000 to the IRS. The exact amount he must pay in credit card debt isn’t listed.

Trick is listing his monthly income as $10,000 as his expenses total $2,921. This year, he says he’s made $50,000, $75,000 in 2018, and $7,500 for 2019. As now, the bankruptcy is still pending.

Stay tuned for more updates!