Top British Musicians Call Brexit a "Self-Built Cultural Jail"

What influence – if any – will Brexit really have on the British music business?

Bob Geldof isn’t too pleased with Theresa May.

In an open letter to the British Prime Minister, Geldof has recruited main stars within the UK music business to oppose Brexit.  These embrace Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, Damon Albarn, Brian Eno, and Sting, amongst others.

Without explaining how Brexit would instantly influence the British music business – together with income and exports – the Irish singer/songwriter writes,

According to Geldof, British artists dominate the music market in Europe.

Exalting the “brilliance” of artists from the UK, he claims “Europe and the world come to us.”

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Signaling Brexit as a menace, Geldof explains the political referendum threatens artists’ “huge voice.”  In addition, May and different politicians will hurt “this large world cultural influencer.”

Continuing the emotional discourse, Geldof claims Brexit will “influence each facet of the music business.”

According to the Irish singer/songwriter, 60% of all royalty income paid to the UK comes from Europe.  Increasing import duties will imply any supply of revenue that goes to British artists “will price considerably extra.”

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Blasting May’s “self-built cultural jail,” Geldof continues,

Calling Brexit “a severe insanity,” he calls on British politicians and music followers to “take again our future.”

Instead of exiting the European Union, they need to as an alternative “reform and restructure the EU.”   Despite severe issues affecting EU members as a consequence of monetary crises in a number of international locations, he calls on Brits to “get caught in” and climate the storm.