To The Max (no Stezo)

“F*ck 5 0!
I was tryna get a bag on the ave but the slabs with 12 knocked down my do’
Had Show & Tell money, now I need bail money, man, 12 f*cked up my dough
Yeah, the trap was a crib so I stashed where I live, shoulda never had it there I know
Now n*ggas tryna take my flow, I blame 12 so f*ck 5 0″

Nino Man – 5 0
(From No Turning Back EP; 2021)

New wave Harlem waviness for the Roddy Rich Homie Quan Durk-core generation. Conclusive proof that all New York rappers have at least one absolute CHOON in them when they take tips from the Max B manual to making music. Oi copper – leave them drug dealers alone!