This is reality Jersey Club – I really go through it

Cookiee Kawaii – Vacation
(From Club Soda Vol 2 album; 2020)

File this under ‘2020 choonz which hit even harder during England’s cold, grey, damp national lockdown of 2021.’

Not only is this the ultimate Winter of our Discontent™, this is the ultimate winter of my disconnection. Thus, I find meself washing up on the Jersey Club shore again searchin’ for jams. Cookiee Kawaii’s Vacation is my favourite J.C find to date: a JeR&Bsey ode to the soul-cleansing reset of a good holiday that’s more of a song than a track but still retains the brevity, booty-chatter™ and BPM of the other Jersey Club bangers which have tickled my pleasure centre. If Ryanair don’t use this song to soundtrack one of their annoying “Get yer Covid vaccination jab and maybe you plebs can go on holiday!” adverts then the company’s entire marketing department should be sacked, imho.

Cookiee Kawaii’s Vibe (If I Back It Up) seems to have been the biggest Jersey Club song of 2020 to the extent that it was bestowed with the dubious honour of having a Tyga remix. If Vacation ever follows a similar trajectory then let’s hope someone more suitable gets to hop on the remix – someone like Flo Milli.