Them olders are washed like Sami Khedira

HAZEY – Packs and Potions
(From YouTube; 2022)

Never in a month of Sundays would I have predicted that my first favourite Rap song of 2022 would be some Scouse Drill by Tin ‘Ead from Brookside (every city got they own AITCH?) It’s the kid HAZEY aka Lil’ Durk Kuyt aka John Arne Lil’ Reese. Fair play, though, lah – that beat sounds like a Donae’o U.K Funky riddim and this scally has more personality than every boring London Drill rapper combined. If his beef with Sami Khedira seems hella random then consider this: it could be that he’s carrying on the Liverpudlian tradition of Merseyside’s O.G German hater Stan Boardman innit?

Stan Boardman – Aye Aye Ippy The Germans Bombed Our Chippy
(From Aye Aye Ippy The Germans Bombed Our Chippy single; 2006)