The Truth of America’s Long Lasting History of Police Brutality Addressed by CG Naughty In Latest Release “Look Into My Eyes”

Throughout the history of the United States, there has been great turmoil over police brutality aimed at black communities. People have been stripped off their fundamental rights; people have been handpicked to be abused, people who have large liberties stolen from them due to racism. CG Naughty brings forth the essence of such a topic in his latest release, “Look Into My Eyes,” with a great power that pushes all limits.

CG Naughty, an American artist from Harvey World, shares his deep thoughts with the audience through groovy beats full of swag energy. His reflection on the social issues experienced by thousands of Americans indeed incorporates the depth of the problem. He unveils the truth of being a black man in America through infectious soundscapes and poetic lyricism. 

CG Naughty could be considered as a pure talent since his flows are truly perplexing for the audience to enjoy. His authenticity and skill range allowed him to create a masterpiece displaying his respect and love for black excellence and hip-hop culture. He incorporates classic hip-hop vibes with a personal touch and achieved a stellar performance. The accompanying female vocals also spread a unique atmospheric energy. 

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