The Radiophonic Workshop announce first ever movie soundtrack

Featuring unreleased materials from Delia Derbyshire.

Pioneering UK digital analysis lab The Radiophonic Workshop has introduced the Possom OST, its very first soundtrack for movie.

The minds behind the Doctor Who theme tune have come collectively for the soundtrack, which accommodates remastered materials from the Delia Derbyshire archives – found in containers tapes within the late composer’s attic.

These tapes make up the muse the soundtrack, because the collective marry dread synth tones with bowed percussion and pastoral flute for a sound that’s reminiscent   traditional Italian Giallo scores and British industrial giants Coil.

Possum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by The Radiophonic Workshop

Possum is the directorial debut from Matthew Holness, most well-known for co-writing and enjoying the title position in cult horror-comedy collection Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. 

Returning to the style with a a lot straighter face, Possum tells the story a disgraced kids’s puppeteer returning house to face darkish secrets and techniques which have taunted him all through his life.

The Possum OST arrives on CD and digital codecs on November 30, with vinyl to observe in 2019. You can preorder the rating at The Radiophonic Workshop Bandcamp. Possum arrives in cinemas on October 26. Check out the soundtrack art work, tracklist and a trailer for the movie beneath.

The Radiophonic Workshop announce first ever film soundtrack


01. ‘Verse 1 and Main Titles’
02. ‘Arrival Home’
03. ‘Smoke Balloons’
04. ‘Buried’
05. ‘Verse 2, Possum Sting and Undercurrent’
06. ‘Going In?’
07. ‘A Demonstration’
08. ‘Legs 1 and Forest 1’
09. ‘Legs 2 and Rumble’
10. ‘Forest 2 and Bag Opening’
11. ‘Marshland 1 / Anxiety’
12. ‘Marshland 2 / Verse three and Nightmare 1 / Bedfellows’
13. ‘The Fox Story’
14. ‘The Fox Story (different)’
15. ‘The Barracks’
16. ‘Newspaper / Stairs’
17. ‘Storybook’
18. ‘Helpless’
19. ‘The Photograph and Fox Return’
20. ‘Back From The Dead / Verse four’
21. ‘Nightmare 2’
22. ‘Someone At The Door’
23. ‘News Report’
24. ‘Searching’
25. ‘Cracking Up’
26. ‘Pursuit’
27. ‘Verse 5 / Breakdown’
28. ‘Behind The Door / Mummy and Daddy / Possum-Man’
29. ‘Devastation’
30. ‘Arrival Home And A Demonstration (different)’
31. ‘The Fox Story (different 2)’
32. ‘The Barracks (different)’
33. ‘Storybook (different)’
34. ‘Helpless (different)’
35. ‘Pursuit (different)’
36. ‘Mummy and Daddy (different)’
37. ‘Devastation (different)’
38. ‘Opening Titles (early combine)’

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