The Linx Effect

Missin’ Linx – M.I.A
(From M.I.A/Lock’D 12″; 1998)

Two things I never saw comin’ when Missin’ Linx’s M.I.A was one of the hottest underground singles outta New York: that the song would have its thunder stolen by a Dr Dre comeback single, and that Missin’ Linx would record a song with British producer Mark B which samples some incidental music from the Are You Being Served movie. Fair play to the late Mark B – he may have wasted a buncha nice beats on boring-arse British rappers, but Can’t Be Stop is up there with M.I.A, Verbal Attack and What It Is as one of the best Missin’ Linx jams.

Missin’ Linx – Can’t Be Stop
(From Sametine/Can’t Be Stop 12″; 2000)