The Jerk part 2

“One call, they pull up fast
Wrong move that pistol blast
I’m dressed in all black, match my glock, I think I’m Shaft”

YG – Swag
(From My Life 4 Hunnid album; 2020)

Also feelin’ this recent YG single on the 2Pac Jerkur tip, although I can’t decide whether it’s Jerk in Future-Swag clothing or Future-Swag disguised as Jerk? Either way, goin’ back to the future has worked a treat on this and Out On Bail. Homie shoulda brought his Le Coq Sportif sweatsuit from the Toot It And Boot It video back for this one.

Cot damn, the new album tracklist looks like yer bogstandard major label ol’ spreadsheet sounding arse bullshit, though. Just what 2020 needs – another Rap album featuring Chris Brown, Tyga, Gunna, and Lil’ Tjay.