The DJ Who Supposedly Groped Taylor Swift Gets a New Job — And His Career Back

DJ David Mueller has a new job at a Mississippi radio station.  Taylor Swift fans have become so upset that one may have e-mailed the station a bomb threat.

According to Taylor Swift, Denver-based DJ David Mueller allegedly groped her rear end after a performance five years ago.  Swift’s lawyers claimed that he lifted up Swift’s skirt while standing next to his girlfriend and the singer’s trained bodyguards.  Despite lacking evidence to support her claim, Denver’s KYGO-FM immediately dismissed Mueller.  He would subsequently lose a $3 million countersuit against the singer for defamation.  A court later ordered the DJ to pay Taylor Swift a symbolic fine $1.

Now, David Mueller has found a new job.  Mississippi’s Delta Radio country station WMYQ-FM has hired the DJ.  He will co-host KIX 92.7’s breakfast show, Jackson and Jonbob, under the pseudonym Stonewall Jackson.  The DJ will also serve as a marketing consultant.

So, despite the controversy surrounding the DJ, why did the radio station hire Mueller?  Because the radio station owner believes that he’s actually innocent.  Speaking with the New York Daily News, Delta Radio CEO Larry Fuss said,

He added that the hiring would also attract publicity to the station.

Since the hiring, infuriated Taylor Swift fans have reportedly flooded WMYQ-FM’s Facebook page with spiteful comments.  In the wake the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements, they’ve asked the station to immediately fire David Mueller.  Fuss, however, defended the hiring and downplayed the comments.

“It’s just people who don’t have a clue, or don’t really have any knowledge the facts.”

Fuss, however, may have underestimated fans’ outrage.  During Mueller’s first week at his new job, someone e-mailed a bomb threat to KIX 92.7, forcing the station to evacuate the building.   TMZ reports that ficers in Greenwood, Mississippi brought in a bomb-sniffing dog.  Thankfully, the search came up empty.  Federal authorities have reportedly taken over the investigation over the bomb threat.


Featured image by Good Morning America (YouTube screengrab)