TFMOM Unveils New Banger “I Don’t Mind (Pink Lemonade)” Feat. Tek Savvy

Adding sophistication and a touch of wisdom to his empowering EDM soundscapes, Christian DJ, producer, and rapper John Hairston better known as TFMOM, recently released a new song titled “I Don’t Mind (Pink Lemonade)” featuring Tek Savvy. The heavy hybrid trap beats mixed with a gritty realism create an atmosphere unique to the artist. The energy of the track instantly draws the audience into TFMOM’s world of sounds and deep emotions. He showcases his vision as a musician, but also as a human with strong Christian roots who aims to make the world a better place for everyone. 

His music is filled with intriguing contrasts and inspiring imagination. Not afraid to experiment, the young rising artist’s sound is innovative and bold, allowing him to express himself in many different formats. “I Don’t Mind (Pink Lemonade)” is one of the tracks featured in TFMOM’s recent EP, The Pink Lemonade, released in 2021. The EP is home to three beautiful songs Pink Lemonade OG,” “The Ship Of Pink Lemonade,” and “I Don’t Mind (Pink Lemonade).