T.I Vs. T.I.P voice

T.I. – 24’s
(From Trap Muzik album; 2003)

T.I. – Be Easy
(From Trap Muzik album; 2003)

T.I. – Rubber Band Man
(From Trap Muzik album; 2003)

I wanna talk to you, shorty, because you be trippin’ sometimes. It ain’t a doubt in my mind that Trap Muzik had one of the best singles trifectas of all time. Ain’t shit harder than 24’s; smarter than Be Easy; more heart than Rubber Band Man; don’t argue with me, reader.

Coulda been a perfect quadruple if Let’s Get Away wasn’t the fourth single. What began as a smooth jam for hoes with gold teeth and hoes with good credit quickly became Tip’s perversion on wax. My man put the T.I into T.M.I on that song. Damn, son – you were Brad J in the streets but J. Cole between the sheets.

Never forget the Planez verse, never forgive it either.