T.I. reportedly jealous that Quavo got his side piece Bernice Burgos pregnant – HipHopHotness.com

Rumor going around the industry we just caught wind is that instagram model Bernice Burgos is pregnant with Quavo’s baby and T.I. is furious. A close source to Bernice told us that this past NBA Allstar weekend in LA T.I. got word the pregnancy and was pissed f.

If you didnt know, Bernice Burgos is the long time side piece T.I. and she almost broke up his marriage with his wife Tiny. T.I. was reportedly so close to leaving tiny for Bernice. Well now Bernice is over being the side piece it seems and got hooked up with Quavo.

Bernice people say Quavo truly adores and loves her and treats her like a wifey. Bernice is very happy with Quavo and they are going to keep the baby.

T.I. we hear was hating on Quavo hard at NBA Allstar weekend even telling Bernice she better leave him or else.

What do you guys think? Should T.I. just enjoy his Wife and family and let Bernice live?