Surprise, surprise!

First another member of The Fat Boys carks it, then some unreleased Money Boss Players songs come out, now KLC’s shelved The Drum Major album finally drops in full. Been waitin’ on this shit since its lead single from 2006.

KLC ft. Fiend & Callicoe – Play It Loud
(From single; 2006/The Drum Major album; 2021)

Nice touch to have Paco Troxclair’s Duffy on there even though it’s from last decade. An even nicer touch is KLC & Mannie Fresh both giving Hurricane Katrina the finger on their Big Tyme love letter to New Orleans No Place Like Home. Had this song come out in 2006 it woulda been the best ode to the NOLA since 5th Ward Weebie’s Supa Sunday In N.O.

“Now, let’s talk about this bitch Katrina
F*cked over the city and soaked my Beamer
But it’s aiiight, I got money from FEMA
And my new whip is so much cleaner”

KLC ft. Mannie Fresh – No Place Like Home
(From the vaults; 2006/The Drum Major album; 2021)

That “RE-UP!!” ad lib tho.