Summer Walker’s New Face Tattoo Of Her Boyfriend’s Name Is Turning Heads

In addition to having a gorgeous voice and some questionable world views, Atlanta R&B revivalist Summer Walker is also pretty well-known for her astonishing collection of tattoos, which range from an ice cream cone on her clavicle to an array of messages and names adorning her neck and face. Her latest addition to that area is turning heads on Twitter, not just because of its placement, but also because of what it says: Her new boyfriend’s name, Larry.

Look, no judgment here but that could potentially get awkward in the future. While we wish Summer well in her relationship, many folks couldn’t help but remember that old superstition about never getting a lover’s name tattooed, lest you break up and have to explain it to people (or get it removed). That effect probably multiplies when that tattoo is anywhere above the neck, where many folks still find body art to be pretty questionable as well despite the phenomenon’s growing prominence in the hip-hop world.

Then, there’s just the fact that the gentleman’s name is Larry. No offense to anyone bearing that appellative, but I can’t be the only one who immediately thinks of The Floaters’ “Float On” — and it looks like fans on Twitter are having a lot of fun with the name too, sending it to the trending topics as only a shared sense of disbelief can. Especially in light of Walker just dropping an album of fed-up anthems (called Still Over It, no less), let’s all hope that this Larry can hold up his end of the relationship, lest her next album features his name as a song title.