StevenCharles Depicts A Beautiful Love Story In New Music Video “Stay”

Montreal, CA-native Singer-songwriter StevenCharles just released his debut single with its incredible music video, “Stay.” Depicting a beautiful love story, the music video revolves around positive energy through dance, simultaneously capturing the essence of love and friendship. 

StevenCharles spends his time between New York City and Atlanta where his brother lives, and where he records at Patchwerk Studios. 

He lists John Legend and Alicia Keys as his main influences in music, and his smooth and love-affirming vocals undeniably remind us of these legends’ styles. 

“Stay” is one of the best debut releases any artist would dream of, with its inspirational and uplifting vibes, a breath of fresh air in the troubled times the world is currently going through. 

Sonically, StevenCharles excels at envisioning a sound at the intersection of r&b, neo-soul, pop, gospel and jazz, a rich mix that perfectly channels his messages and vibes set to touch millions of music lovers.