Statik G’s Music Is A Game-Changer

Statik G is on fire this year with several awesome releases that exceed all expectations. Again and again Statik G proves his originality and his innovative approach to music production and rapping. Some of his best releases of late are “Smoke Drank Fx#k”, “Stay tf Away” featuring Rittz, and “Anxious”, with hundreds of thousands of streams. 

Statik G’s songs have much meaning to offer to the listener. Apart from that, his art is infused with tons of creativity, stunning music and powerful beats that are mood-setting. “Leave Me Alone”, for instance, starts with a beautiful melody that makes one feel alone and then the immediate rapping that follows delivers the message “Leave me alone!”  And “Fml” that features Doobie, begins with an unnerving tune that right away tells the listener that something is wrong which is then confirmed in the lyrics. And thus, there is harmony in everything Statik G creates. 

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