State of Texas paying Kanye West $500,000 to perform at 5 county jails hoping he converts inmates to christianity

Some may think Kanye West is crazy for his new “Jesus King” album and to be honest his new movement, but the man is a genius! Kanye who was just paid $300,000 by Joel Osteen to perform at his mega church in Lakewood is now hitting up the State Texas for money. While in Texas for his show at Joel’s church, Kanye hit up Harris County jail and did a performance for the intmates there! In secret from the public, the star rapper-turned-gospel singer performed songs Friday from his new gospel album “Jesus is King.” He and his choir performed for more than 200 male inmates at one jail facility before crossing the street to another jail facility and performing for a smaller crowd female inmates.

The show was so succesful that the governor Greg Abbott reached out Kanye and his team and struck a lucrative deal! Governor Abbott is reportedly set to give Kanye $500,000 for him to perform at 6 county jails thru out the state. The goal is for Kanye to convert the bad prisoners to christianity. Texas jail violence is high and it cost their tax payers a lot money, so the governor is hoping Kanye can be the savior. Check out the video below Kanye performing at Harris County jail.

Kanye West performs at Harris County jail