Soulja Boy declares war on Instagram with Young Dolph and his artist laughs at Dolph’s death

Soulja Boy is saying fuck Young Dolph and every artist on his label “PRE”. Via instagram the war of words have crossed the line that there is no coming back from. Via IG Soulja Boy and Young Dolph’s artist Snupe Bandz had a back and fourth

Young Dolph’s artist, Snupe Bandz, took to Instagram to call Soulja Boy a “Clout chasing b*tch,” and he shared alleged DMs between him and Soulja Boy. In the messages, Soulja Boy told Snupe, “Sorry to hear bout yo big homie. Cut all dis sh*t out. It’s uncalled for. This my last time saying it. Like I said I F*** wit y’all Boys idk where all dis lame Sh*t come from. Y’all n***az couldn’t take a f**king joke bruh. Who gives a damn if y’all signed to empire wtf.”

Soulja Boy then added, “I’m done trolling wit y’all N***az I was done before that Sh*t even happen. But if y’all keep coming for Me we not standing down. I’m sorry to hear bout da sh*t I truly am. But y’all needa chill fr. Y’all put me in a weird ass position. And y’all gotta stand on that. U think I don’t wanna say rip dolph but how can when y’all N***az keep threatening me. Y’all N***az stupid.”