Ski Mask The Slump God Goes Horseback Riding With ‘Chillin Island’

It’s early days, but the new HBO wilderness show Chilin Island is already poised to be an under-the-radar, online favorite. The premise of dragging popular rappers way out of their element to get in touch with nature — and ask goofy, stony questions under the stars — has massive viral potential and the show’s laid-back vibe makes it the perfect distraction from the extremely anxiety-inducing current events unfolding around us.

It also helps that the guests are so game, even when it’s clear they aren’t totally sure what’s going on. In a preview for the next episode of the oddball HBO show, Florida rapper Ski Mask The Slump God takes a mighty tumble in the desert after slipping down a steep hill while the show’s deadpan narrator Steven Wright ponders, “Which will die first — him or his Nintendo Switch?” Hopefully, it’s the switch; Ski Mask has an album to drop at some point this year after delaying the follow-up to his immensely fun 2018 debut Stokeley.

Still, it’s a blast watching the Chillin Island crew — fellow rappers Dap, Despot, and Lakutis of the New York underground scene — putting poor Ski Mask through a crash course in horseback riding, especially when it prompts him to wonder whether sex on a horse is possible. The jury’s out on that one, but you can check out the preview below and catch the episode tonight at 10:30 ET on HBO or stream it anytime thereafter on HBO Max.