Shiva Feshareki recycles her entire back catalog on 'Vapour'

A new composition for the London-based label SA Recordings.

Experimental composer and avant-turntablist Shiva Feshareki has created a new piece from a vinyl record of her debut album NEW FORMS which was released earlier this year.

“The piece is called ‘Vapour’ because the whole thing is processed through my analogue space echo and sounds like thick, electronically produced vapour” she explains. “I made ‘Vapour’ through my live turntabling using the vinyl disc of my last release NEW FORMS.”

“Before that, NEW FORMS was my orchestral piece GABA-analogue, which is also my other orchestral piece O”, she continues. “Part of it was also originally my radio jingle for my NTS Show, which was originally just me saying ‘this is Shiva Feshareki’ live on air. We are now talking about material recorded years ago. After Vapour, it will morph or ‘condense’ into something else entirely, constantly recycling itself and evolving through time.”

‘Vapour’ is out now on SA Recordings.

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