Sheek Louch disses 6ix9ine on his new freestyle "Gorilla Biz" –

One the original OG’s this rap game and New York called out the newest/biggest artist in New York 6ix9ine. Sheek released his new freestyle titled “Gorilla Biz” and in that song some direct bars stood out.

Sheek said “Fuck where you from Nigga/ Like Im trying to get approval from a Young Nigga/ Different color hair ear rings in his tongue nigga/ Fall back before you lose a fucking lung nigga/”

Everyone know’s 6ix9ine is that different color rapper he is talking about. Plus we all know 6ix9ine are running the streets chin checking other rappers, which is why Sheek said why he need a approval from a young nigga. It seems the OG’s New York are fighting for they city back,but 6ix9ine isnt letting up. Lets see where this one goes. Check the full freestyle out below