Safaree nude photos are leaked inside and people now see why Nicki Minaj stayed with him –

Safaree broke the internet when he released a video himself fully nude. Women all over social media are apologizing for calling Safaree corny lol. Safaree is now a trending topic on Twitter. People are even now saying they understand why Nicki Minaj stayed with Safaree for over 12 years.

Check the nudes below

Safaree nudes lol. now I see why Nicki put up with him for 12 years.

— la miki minach (@lamikiminaj)

when we meeting up ???❤️ god damn ??

— JOSEPHASTOR (@josephastor)

His dick really bigger then mines??

— breezy_.august (@Augustt_Wife)

Lmfaooo I am Dead ?????⚰️ whyyyy ???

— BROOKLYN PRINCE J ???? (@AsapBrook)

is most Definitely from Wakanda!
?wakadaaaaaa Forevaaaaaaaa!

— The Real Ts Madison (@TsMadisonatl1)

god left more clues than a law & order episode

— perquita burgess (@firefire100)