Rowe Rowe Launches Brand New Wild Track Titled ‘Do Something’

LA based rapper Rowe Rowe (Instagram) launched his latest work, single titled ‘Do Something.’ The new release kicks off with a fierce flow that continues up till the very end. Rowe Rowe layers his sharp lines on an EDM-inspired beat that keeps listeners bouncing with its pulsing elements. ‘Do Something’ is produced in a well and balanced way of contemporary rap approach where rappers blend genres, and incorporate strings and sounds from different pots. Rowe Rowe, by featuring a smooth electro vibe, created a silky anthem of the new generation. Make sure to have a listen below: 



About  Rowe Rowe


Rowe Rowe is a 21-year-old rapper from Los Angeles, California whose music contends with themes of joy, struggle, and perseverance. Working to overwrite the dominant overtones of violence and sexism in modern rap music, Rowe Rowe produces music that offers complex interpretations of contemporary American mythology, especially in urban life. His music is characterized by a unique pairing of seductive melody and socially-cognizant lyrics, and he takes inspiration from the hip-hop genre’s focus at large on struggle and oppression, and seeks to explore the relationship of escapism and empowerment in modern American life. Overall, Rowe’s goal in creating music is putting forth positive messages of triumph and joy, all while pushing the limits of the genre of rap. 


His musical odyssey began at eight, when he wrote his first rhyme and developed a supporting melody on Garageband. After writing a few songs, Rowe began publishing his music through iTunes, and at age twelve his first single, The Streets, was released, gaining immense popularity in the Calabasas area of Los Angeles. The Streets would sell a thousand copies within its initial weeks of release, earning Rowe recognition as an up-and-coming producer and rapper. After these initial successes, Rowe continued to build out his debut album Rowetropolis, a heartfelt take on the teenage cross-section of urban Los Angeles, which was well received by his peers.