Rod Wave tells SayCheeseTV CEO Shawn Cotton to get off his Di*k and stop mentioning his name about helping him get signed

Rod Wave and SayCheeseTV CEO Shawn Cotton are back getting into it via social media. Shawn recently did a interview with VladTV and during the interview he revealed that he was the main reason that Rod Wave got signed to Alamo records.

Via Twitter, Rodwave said “Lame a** b***h keep my name out yo mouth.” While Rodwave didn’t direct bring up Cotton, the SayCheeseTV head honcho went on to say “Put a name on it fat a** 🤢.” From there, he said “EMOTIONAL A** N***A!!!!” Cotton then addressed his VladTV clip, saying “n***a acting like I said I made him or some… all I said was I got you your deal n***a… even the n***a that signed you saying it’s true.” Take a look above.

Check out everything below!

Rod Wave telling Shawn Cotton get off his dick:

Shawn Cotton on getting Rod Wave signed: