Rick Ross suffers another seizure before a show in New York and family begs him to leave the drugs alone – HipHopHotness.com

Last month it was widely reported by us and other outlets that Rick Ross was on life support after a serious health scare almost took his life. It was so serious that the rapper pooped himself.

Well it seems Rick Ross’s bad health is back again. We just got that before a show at BB King’s in New York,Rick Ross had suffered a seizure while havin difficulty breathing. Fans waited for a whole hour while Ross was backstage trying to get better. Ross’s team had to call on a masseuse to come give him a massage to relax his body. Eventually Ross got better and performed for the packed house at BB King’s.

Ross and his team insist the rapper is in great health, but his family is begging he leave the lean and drinking alone. They fear it is going to kill him.