Rick Ross is not feeling DJ Khaled or his new song "Top Off" for saying Maybach so much and cutting his verse off it – HipHopHotness.com

A very reliable source who is deeply immersed with Maybach Music and We The Best tell’s us Rick Ross aint feeling DJ Khaled right now. Why you ask? Well we are told Khaled’s new song “Top Off” is a big problem with Rick Ross. First f Khaled did not even ask Ross to be on it and most importantly the song says Maybach over 1 million times it seems like. Yes all this from the word Maybach? Well Ross label name is Maybach Music and Ross felt Khaled played him out by not even asking him to be on the song with his label name all thru it.

Thats not it tho we also reach for more info and found out that Khaled never visited Ross or called him when he had his near death scare a few weeks back. Ross camp now calls Khaled corny and says the money and fame really changed him. The once two BFF’s now dont even call or text whats up to each other.

What do you guys think is Ross over reacting or is Khaled corny and fake for doing Ross like this?