Richie Kotzen announces ’50 For 50′ triple album | The Music Universe

The project will be released on Kotzen’s 50th birthday

When a person turns 50, they usually spend that entire year celebrating in as large a way as possible to make it their biggest and most memorable birthday yet. Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Richie Kotzen is taking the concept literally, as he gears up for the release his most ambitious album to date, and he wants to share this big birthday present to himself with his fans around the world.

Kotzen will release 50 For 50 on Monday, February 3rd, his 50th birthday. The self-produced three disc collection is just what the title implies: a collection 50 previously unreleased compositions produced, performed and written by Kotzen in honor his birthday. It’s his 22nd solo album and is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Salting Earth album, which was released April 14, 2017 Headroom-Inc.

Although Kotzen has been hailed as a guitar virtuoso since the release his first album, it is his emotional lead vocal delivery and diverse songwriting style that separates him from his peers thanks in large part to artists that influenced him in the Philly soul R&B to jazz, rock, funk, and fusion guitar genres. 50 For 50 captures the full artistic scope what makes Richie Kotzen such a unique artist.

“The idea a 50 song album came to me while I was on tour sometime last year,” Kotzen explains. “I had completed what would have been your typical 10 to 12 song album and was anticipating a 2020 release. Somewhere along the line, I discovered a few completed songs that for whatever reason were never released. Along with that, I found a massive collection material that was in various forms completion. Some songs had drums, bass and piano with no vocal, other songs were nothing more than a bass line and a vocal melody and so on. I decided to take that summer and fall, stay in the studio, and see how many these ideas I could bring to completion. The concept was to include the already completed works and finish the other ideas and then stop once I reached 50 songs. Reality is we’ve got way more sitting on the hard drives waiting for attention. I figured if I can walk out the studio with 50 songs (that I like) mixed and mastered, I can release a 50 song package on my 50th birthday.”

The first song from 50 For 50, “Devil’s Hand,” will also be released on Monday, February 3rd all digital retail outlets. As Kotzen says, “The song touches on loss and regret while romanticizing a past that may or may not have been as it is being remembered in the present.”