RIAA Slams Safe Harbor Provision in New NAFTA

RIAA Slams Safe Harbor Provision in New NAFTA

Does the brand new NAFTA do sufficient for the music trade?

On Sunday night, negotiators from the US and Canada reached a commerce settlement.  The deal – made proper earlier than the midnight deadline – got here after greater than a yr of arduous negotiations.

The US, Canada, and Mexico shortly celebrated the landmark settlement.

Yet, in response to the music trade, the brand new NAFTA – now often called USMCA – doesn’t go far sufficient.

Welcoming a brand new NAFTA with the identical outdated protected harbor provisions.

Mitch Glazier, President of the Recording Industry Association of America, criticized the USMCA.

According to Glazier, the USMCA doesn’t present satisfactory trendy copyright protections for American creators.  Instead, the proposal advances out-of-date protected harbor provisions.

The protected harbor provisions defend tech corporations and ISPs from legal responsibility over piracy.  The RIAA has lengthy criticized the provisions for putting the burden on creators to watch their very own content material on-line.

The USMCA will reportedly lengthen these provisions.  The abstract settlement launched on Monday states the brand new NAFTA will set up “applicable copyright protected harbors to offer safety for IP and predictability for respectable enterprises that don’t immediately profit from the infringement, per United States regulation.”

Railing towards the protected harbor provision, Glazier continued,

Calling on Congress and the White House to ‘redouble their efforts’ to replace the protected harbor provisions, he wrote,

Congress will nonetheless must approve the USMCA.

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